2010 Despero versus the Justice League Personal Sketch Card by Don Hillsman II

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Howdy folks! I'm having one of those "I can't get it up for blogging" days. Maybe it's the hours I spent writing last night's post? Maybe it's the sparse comments and general malaise of this time of year. Personally, I think I'm still traumatized by the discovery this month that Despero porn exists, and he's got a second fin where his short hairs should be. *Shudder*

Anyhow, Tom Hartley emailed me a nifty painted piece a few weeks ago by Don Hillsman II, who you may remember as an inker at DC in the '90s. If that doesn't ring a bell, he also stepped up to pencil several Martian Manhunter related features from the 1997 JLA Secret Files and Origins #1, including a once ubiquitous piece Tom used for his Martian Manhunter Archives Volume 8 Fan Mock-Up Cover.

Here, Hillsman paints an as of yet undocumented battle involving Gypsy, Metamorpho, and Captain Atom (plus this blog's two featured aliens.) As I understand it, these were commissioned specifically as the type of sketch cards popular as chase items in overpriced card sets these days. Check out "DH2's" blog for more, including preliminaries on another piece with the same characters.

Oh, and yes Virginia, there's been Martian Manhunter porn on the internet for several years now. May God have mercy on our souls...

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