2008 HeroClix Arkham Asylum #054- Despero

I know two things about HeroClix's gameplay, and the first is "jack." However, I'm perfectly of cutting and pasting some stats for those who do, and offering a link to a comprehensive evaluation.

#AA054 U Despero
Team: No Affiliation
Range: 6
Points: 88
Speed - PSIONICS: Mind Control and Telekinesis
Attack - DANGEROUS GAME: Psychic Blast. Power Action, choose a target opposing figure, 6 or fewer swquares away, LOF required. Move that character to any unoccupied clear square 8 or fewer squares away, LOF required.
Damage - TYRANT: Leadership and Outwit

The short version is that the Silver/Bronze Age HeroClix is "super rare." He's much slower than Despero the Reborn, and his attacking power is obviously diminished. He's got the glass jaw one would expect of a villain once defeated by Snapper Carr, but his telekinesis can get nasty, and mind control doesn't hurt. Until recently, via time-travel, this incarnation of Despero routinely worked alone. In the game, he seems better suited as a supporting player than a point man, so I guess you might as well bring in Per Degaton and the Ultra-Humanite. Alternately, the review offered a combo of Py'tar Despero and old school flavor, which would make a pretty happening comic book story, as well.

The only thing that would make that chess board with the seven founding JLofA members as pieces cooler? The Atom lying in wait...

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